Competitions & Awards

The ERASMUS Poster Design Competitions is organized during the ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition every year. The idea is to reward the excellent poster designs that HEIs produce for ERASMUS Promotional purposes.

Each institution could submit up to two posters for the Competition. The posters will be exhibited during the Congress. Diplomas will be awarded to the first three prizes. The best posters will appear on the EAEC site.

ERASMUS Ministers

A top list of colleagues, who have been ERASMUS Institutional Coordinators for more than 15 years or serving as ERASMUS Institutional Coordinators since the beginning of the ERASMUS Programme in their country with minimun 10 years of service, will be named “ERASMUS Ministers” and will be invited to come to the ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition to receive their award.

  • ERASMUS Ministers 2019click here
  • ERASMUS Ministers 2018 — click here 
  • ERASMUS Ministers 2017 — click here
  • ERASMUS Ministers 2016 — click here
  • ERASMUS Ministsers 2015 — click here
  • ERASMUS Ministers 2014
    1. Ruzena Dvorackova, Business School Ostrava plc., Czech Republic
    2. Ivan Hutchins, University of Essex, United Kingdom
    3. Ryszard Straszynski, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland
    4. Katerina Galanaki, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
    5. Gheorghe Duda, Spiru Haret University, Romania
    6. Tomasz Kostecki, The John Paull II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
  • ERASMUS Ministers 2013
    1. Anthony Vickers, University of Essex, United Kingdom
    2. Ana Boa Ventura, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal
    3. Christina Kontogoulidou, University of Piraeus, Greece
    4. Selcuk Toprak, Pamukkale University, Turkey
  • ERASMUS Ministers 2012
    1. Carlos Afonso, Portalegre Polytechnic Institute, Portugal
    2. Christian Goethals, University College Louvain en Hainaut, Belgium
    3. Doina Ienei, The University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    4. Eduardo Gutierrez de Rave Aguera, University of Cordoba, Spain
    5. Friedrich W. Siebel, University of Applied Sciences Koblenz, Germany
    6. Griet Wijns. Vrije University of Brussels, Belgium
    7. Ioannis Vlahos, Technical Educational Institute of Crete, Greece
    8. Jolanta Valiaugiene, Kauno University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania
    9. Klaus-Dieter Duformantel, Albert-Ludwigs University, Germany
    10. Luis Ochoa Siguencia, University of Economics and Administration in Byton, Poland
    11. Luis Oosterbeek, Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Portugal
    12. Magdalena Belkova, Comenius University of Bratislava, Slovakia
    13. Maret Hein, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
    14. Maria da Conceical Baptista, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal
    15. Philippe Olivier, University Paris 13, France
    16. Zekiye Dogan, Anadolu University, Turkey

ERASMUS Academic Ministers

A top list of colleagues, who have been ERASMUS Academic Coordinators for more than 5 years (non-continuous), will be named “ERASMUS Academic Ministers” and will be invited to come to the Erasmus Congress and Exhibition to receive their award.

  • ERASMUS Academic Ministers 2021 — click here
  • ERASMUS Academic Ministers 2019 — click here
  • ERASMUS Academic Ministers 2018 — click here
  • ERASMUS Academic Ministers 2017 — click here
  • ERASMUS Academic Ministers 2016 — click here
  • ERASMUS Academic Ministers 2015 — click here
  • ERASMUS Academic Ministers 2014
    1. Marios Theodosiou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
    2. Tatjana Welzer, University of Maribor, Slovenia
    3. Klaus Düformantel, Albert-Ludwings University Freiburg, Germany
    4. Costas Mantzalos, Frederick University, Cyprus
    5. Petroula Mavrikiou, Frederick University, Cyprus