• Implementation period: 01.09.2020 – 31.08.2023 (36 months)
  • Website: www.ecolhe.eu

The aim of ECOLHE“Empower Competences for Online Learning in HE is to examine the way in which the idea of E-learning in European HE Area has been translated into practice at national context by Academic Bodies.

ECOLHE is a research project that aims to create the best conditions for exchange of best practices in:

  • teaching digital skills in HE
  • developing a training course for teachers and tutors for improving online teaching in HE
  • recognition and validation of teaching competences in HE for teachers‘ professional development
  • providing guidelines and recommendations for Academic Bodies

ECOLHE intends to build bridges and share knowledge between HE institutions and associations with the following aims:

  • to produce and validate a set of new online Quality Assurance Standards able to consider the qualitative dimension for basic studies of teaching interactions inside online environments;
  • to enhance LLL in HE through a focus on professionalization of teachers, so that they can effectively respond to and operate in an ever-changing context that demands engagement beyond the traditional concept of university education;
  • to spread good practice at European level

The duration of the project is three years and the consortium consists from 6 EU partner countries:  Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus and Finland.